Beachfront Dining

Dining well is one of the greatest pleasures in life, and at Tubkaak we have created two divine beachfront restaurants to indulge in such culinary pleasures. Love and care has gone into the growth of our own organic garden where chickens lay fresh eggs and chemical-free vegetables are picked daily. The only difficult decision you will have to make is whether to choose authentic italian at Di Mare or Thai cuisine at The Arundina?

L'escape Spa | Facilities at The Tubkaak Resorti


Located on the beachfront, facing the stunning Krabi seascape and surrounded by trees and a charming pond, The Arundina immerses you in nature.

L'escape Spa | Facilities at The Tubkaak Resorti


Di Mare draws its inspiration from the shores of the Andaman Sea, combining with it the flavour and simplicity of Italian cuisine.

L'escape Spa | Facilities at The Tubkaak Resorti

Romantic Dinner

Express your feelings of love with a romantic dinner for two, an exclusive arrangement for very special occasions.


The Tubkaak, just 40 minutes from Krabi International Airport. This peaceful haven is surrounded by natural landscape waiting to be explored or simply be adored from the comfort of your stylish accommodation.

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